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refinance your homeloan

Refinancing / Consolidating

Generally people look at refinancing their loans to: take advantage of a better rate, switch to a more flexible loan product, or consolidate existing debts; and no matter what your reasons for refinancing we can help.

Review your Home or Investment Loan 

If your home or investment loan has not been reviewed for a few years, you might be surprised. 

Loan Products across all lenders can change dramatically in a few short years.  We recommend that all loans be reviewed after 2 or 3 years to ensure that what you have is still the most appropriate product for your current situation.

Refinancing your loan (either with the same or a different lender) is often very cost effective, and could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

Debt Consolidation

Over time, people often accumulate a loan for their home, car, boat, caravan, or even that big family holiday, and then there are the credit cards and store cards!

This often means at the end of the month after you've made payments on all these loans, there's very little left or even worse, there's not enough!  This might mean some of these loans get behind causing you to have an adverse listing on your personal credit file.

So long as you have sufficient equity in your home or investment property, you may be able to combine all of these loans into one simple monthly or fortnightly payment and usually at a cheaper interest rate.

It's better to do this before payments get behind, so if you're starting to struggle dont delay.

Consolidating your loans can be tricky as lenders often carefully look at each and every transaction to ensure the loans they are taking on are not potential future problems. 

Securing your Debt Consolidation Loan

Because we deal with this on a regular basis, we know what the lenders are looking for and where best to consolidate your loans to ensure that they are presented in a professional and efficient manner to the lender to get the all important loan approval. 

When it comes to Debt Consolidation, lenders are selective and not all lenders will take on all scenarios. 

Let our experience guide you to the the most appropriate lender, and ensure the consolidation process is managed effectively, giving you the best chance of securing your Debt Consolidation Loan.

Refinancing - The Right Way

No matter what your reasons for re-financing, give DMC a call or Request a callback today.  We will guide you through the process and help secure the right loan for you.