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FREE Property Report

Home and land purchases represent a significant investment and you need to ensure you make an informed decision.

Direct Mortgage Concepts is here to help our customers make the right decision when it comes to your home or investment loan, and part of that is ensuring that you have all the facts about the property your looking to purchase.

Here are five ways your FREE Property Report can help

To help you make the right decision, we offer a FREE RPData Property Report which includes:

  1. Desktop property Valuation
  2. Property Sales Activity and Sales History
  3. Rental and Purchase prices in the area
  4. Property Details including Construction date, site valuation, zoning information, floor area
  5. Property Sales Statistics for your chosen suburb

Lenders often use this same data to establish property values when taking a mortgage over a property to lend you money.

Sample Pages

Sample Property Report Sample Page 1a FREE RpData Property Report (Sample Page 3)FREE RpData Property Report (Sample Page 4)FREE RpData Property Report (Sample Page 1)FREE RpData Property Report (Sample Page 2)