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Forms and Useful Links

In this section, you will find links, useful information and forms covering various aspects of finance, the mortgage process and related areas.  Please feel free to explore the information provided but remember that all of the information is general in nature and may not relate to your specific circumstances.

Forms & Information 

Documents required for Finance Appointment

DMC Fact Find  

The Purchase Process - What happens and when?

Important do's & Don'ts when getting a mortgage

Statutory declaration - Gift

Mortgage Terminology Explained

The Cooling Off Period - What does it mean

How to Negotiate the Best Property Price

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External Links

Bank Statements - Click here to easily send us your savings, loan and credit card statements

Government Grants

First Home Benefits Available From The NSW Government

First Home Owner Grant - (New Homes) 

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS)

(NRAS) National Rental Affordability Scheme

First Home Super Savings Scheme

Capital Gains Tax

The Value of Mortgage Broking - Deloitte Access Economic Report

AFG Home Loans

AFG Edge

AFG Edge - Redraw

Land Tax

Deposit Bond - What is a Deposit Bond (V)

My Credit File

RP Data

Assured Conveyancing

Princeville Credit Advocates

            Financial Counselling Service

            Financial Counselling Service - Hornsby

My Budget - Get help if it feels like there is no way out?

ASIC MoneySmart Superannuation Calculator

Legal - Consent Orders for financial separation agreements


Living Expenses Calculator

Income Annualisation Calculator

Pay Calculator