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Change: Is this the new normal?

I hear and see people complaining about so much lately whilst being in lockdown. Cannot do this can't go there. But is this going to be the new normal?

Maybe not everything, but I do think some of these changes might stick!

Business especially has quickly been forced to adapt, to do things differently. Maybe working smarter, from a different location or even with fewer people to do the job. What might seem difficult now, even uncomfortable, could in the long term end up saving businesses plenty.

Consider this;

1. Some businesses might realise that they can get by with a few less staff.
2. They might see that staff could be more productive working offsite.
3. They might be able to cut costs by saving on office space.
4. How many meetings have been done using technology like Zoom and others?

These strategies might have seemed hard to imagine pre-COVID-19, but now in some cases have become a proven way to save money and cut costs.

Then there is the personal aspect. Being in lockdown (essentially, forced to become homebodies) we've all had to adapt too. Whilst not going out at every opportunity, we've also had to learn how to pass the time, maybe get back to things we did in years gone by.

Who in the last month or so has done one or more of the following?

1. Read a book
2. Reached out to a friend that you have not spoken to for a while. (on the phone or online of course)
3. Done some long-overdue cleaning or maintenance around the home.
4. Saved some money by not eating out, going to the pub or even a show.

How many people are now going to realise that maybe they might have been living life a little above their means? That's not to say you shouldn't go out with friends or on that weekend away, but maybe we could be a little more mindful of how much we spend on discretionary items rather than essential items.

Maybe, just maybe, it might just change a few habits that might continue afterwards.

This lockdown period won't last forever, it will eventually end and thus allow us to get back to normal.

But the big question is, will the now normal actually become the new normal?

By Wayne Dickerson

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Sunday, 18 April 2021

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